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Save Your Clients Money & Earn Income For Your Firm

Reduced Processing Fees

Your clients who accept credit or debit cards are paying too much for processing. In fact, an estimated 85% of businesses could be paying less, and that’s where you can help. With the Payroc Trusted Advisor Partnership, your clients save money while your firm gains a new stream of perpetual revenue.




Everyone Wins

Your CLIENTS will love it!

  • Real, immediate savings to your client’s bottom line
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Guaranteed good news – we find savings or confirm competitive rates with our no-cost, no-obligation analysis

Your FIRM will benefit!

  • Improve client retention and loyalty with multiple service “hooks”
  • Expand Your prospecting opportunities with non-traditional service offerings
  • Reduce revenue pressure and mitigate fee increases with client savings and added residual income to the firm



Want To Find Out How Significant This Opportunity Is For Your Firm?

A simple review of some of your firm’s client data will allow Payroc to determine the following–so you can decide how to strategically prioritize your efforts with Payroc:

  • Number of clients who accept credit cards as a form of payment
  • Total annual savings your clients may expect
  • Total annual residual revenue to your firm
  • Partner hours required to realize saving and firm revenue



Follow The Process: You Deliver A Statement,
We Deliver Results





Use Our Script To Obtain A Merchant Statement

We have explored all types of methods and forms of communication and found this email script to provide the absolute best results.  
Don’t add or subtract anything and you MUST copy your payment professional.

"Hi [client name], as a professional courtesy, I would like to take a look at your merchant processing fees. Email me a copy of your most recent merchant statement and I’ll have [payment professional name], who is copied on this email, take a look and call you directly with the results of our analysis."

Once you receive a Merchant Statement from your client, simply reply and let us take it from there.

"Thanks [client name], this looks great!  I’ll have [payment professional name] look this over. She/He will reach out to you directly with the results. She/He has an extensive background in the merchant processing space and will be able to address any questions you might have regarding merchant processing services."

Check Out These Case Studies!

16 Partner Firm

• Number of Client Targets: 734
• Total Processing Volume: $497,898,502
• Client Savings (annual): $2,763,087
• New Firm Revenue (annual): $466,685
• Client Comparables: $2,333,427
• Invested Partner Hours: 122

5 Partner Firm

• Number of Client Targets: 103
• Total Processing Volume: $169,427,224
• Client Savings (annual): $569,504
• New Firm Residual (annual): $41,381
• Client Comparable: $206,906
• Invested Partner Hours: 17

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