Good, Better or Best Payment Partner: Which Do You Choose?


We’ve got a payments partner checklist for that.

Download the Checklist for Choosing the Best Payments Partner

Of all the features your solution offers, payments integration is one of the most important. It should also be the easiest to manage.

That means your payments partner plays a critical role in your success.

But … how do you evaluate payments partners? They all may seem to offer similar features, but do they really?

You need a way to evaluate how well each payments partner satisfy the most important criteria.

In our new Checklist for Choosing the Best Payments Partner, we walk you through the six attributes you should have on your criteria list and what “good,” “better” and “best” looks like for each.

You’ll find out:

  • What optimal flexibility looks like in a payments partner
  • How to identify which payments partner offers the best in fraud prevention
  • What your payments partner should be doing to help you deliver the best CX
  • And more!

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