Smile Workshop & Payscape

A Case Study

Smile workshop

Smile Workshop provides full dental care for kids and adults, orthodontic care, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and much more.

Chris Swayden is the MD and owner of Smile Workshop. Chris and his talented staff desire to provide the best patient experience possible and are committed to bringing your family the latest advancements in dental care.

Their dedication payed off with loyal clients and with loyal customers it is important to have a proper payment system. After doing some research, the company saw many benefits to teaming up with Payscape. 

The Challenge

Smile Workshop clients could only make a payment in the office. There was no professional system in place to create online invoices or a way to track payments. 

Payscape PRODUCTS used

  • Payscaping Invoicing 

"We pride ourself on using the latest technology to provide the best treatment options for you and your family."  



Through Payscape Invoicing, Smile Workshop allows their clients pay online. Patients can easily track payments to see if they were approved or declined. Payscape Invoicing provides their clients with professional invoicing and a professional system.

Chris Swayden

Owner- Smile Workshop

We would definitely recommend Payscape Invoicing to a friend or another company.

Highlighted Service

Smile Workshop has many patients who make monthly payments for services, and no longer need to make that extra trip to the office.

dentist chair
beautiful smile
Smile Workshop caring spirit also extends to the community. They are actively providing dental care to underserved children around Dallas for the Ryan Palmer Foundation's Brighter Smiles Initiative.

Results & ROI

Smile Workshop now has a professional online billing software along with automated invoices. They have a much more reliable system in place so they can focus on pleasing their clients instead of worrying about their finances.

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