A Case Study


SkiTech is a nonprofit organization that hosts an annual gathering of C-level executives in the payments and financial services industry. This group is at the forefront of innovation for connected commerce and have expertise in mobile, retail, marketing services, data, banking and technology. In addition to furthering the progression of the fintech space, SkiTech has also donated tens of thousands of dollars to various charitable foundations.


The Challenge

SkiTech had quickly grown in attendance beyond the point where manual registration and payment collection was still a viable option. Their team expressed a desire to utilize online registration software that would not only manage all data and information in one place but also save valuable resources that could be spent on producing the conference.

payroc PRODUCTS used

  • Payroc Registration

SkiTech is at the forefront of innovation for connected commerce and has expertise in mobile, retail, marketing services, data, banking and technology.


Payscape Registration provides a long list of helpful tools and features that transform the often tedious registration and payment collection process into a simple and efficient one. From its custom-tailored branded landing pages to a unique program and report builder, Payscape Registration offers organizations of all types and sizes the most intuitive online registration platform available today.



SkiTech has quickly experienced tremendous growth in attendance. We realized there was a crucial need for registration software that would save hours normally spent on manually accepting registrations and payments. Payroc Registration stood out because of its payment collection integration and custom features that make registration a breeze.”


Results & ROI

SkiTech had the highest attendance rate in its 5-year history, while also cutting their administrative work surrounding registration and payment collection in half. Payroc Registration provided accuracy, efficiency, and convenience to eliminate many pain points associated with their team’s previous registration experiences. These significant time savings led the SkiTech team to devote even more resources to final preparations for the conference.

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