Modern Image & Payscape

A Case Study

Modern Image

A document scanning company that provides high quality document and photo scans.

Modern Image offers document scanning, photo scanning, document management systems, and document shredding. They focus on the needs of their clients and aim to finish any project as quick and painless as possible. With their secure services they have worked for companies in fields such as medical, legal, financial, and nonprofit.

After doing some research, the company saw many benefits to teaming up with Payscape. 

The Challenge

David has issues with organizing invoices, sending timely reminders, accepting credit cards in a professional manner, and accepting online payments. The system he used before in was time-consuming, inaccurate and presented an unprofessional image. He relied on spreadsheets for tracking and reporting and had to create invoices individually.

Payscape PRODUCTS used

  • Payscape Invoicing

Modern Image's goal is simple: to provide their clients with the highest quality document imaging and document scanning services, while delivering those projects on-time and on-budget.
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Payscape Invoicing made it easier for David to send estimates, invoices and timely reminders along with tracking receivables and accepting payments. 

Modern Image now has an accurate, reliable billing system that benefits both David and his clients. 

David McDonough

Owner-Modern Image

Payscape Invoicing is phenomenal! I rely heavily on Payscape Invoicing and would highly recommend it to anyone, in any business.

Highlighted Service

David's time involved in the billing process have been cut from a days worth of work to an occasional glance at Payscape Invoicing. The program improved his company's professionalism and gave more accurate trackings on cash flow. Payscape's goal is to make running a small business more efficient by cutting out the worry of having billing issues.


Results & ROI

With Payscape Invoicing the time and worry spent waiting on accounts receivable have gone from 68 days to 9 days. Now David has created estimates, that are professional and detailed. Payscape Invoicing streamlined the client's payment process. When the costumer accepts the estimate, David is able to immediately convert it to an invoice then it's ready to send.

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