Kane Boutique & Payscape

A Case Study

Kane Boutique 

A sleek, fashionable women’s apparel store featuring understated styles & accessories.

Kane Boutique was designed with the "ultimate shopping excursion" in mind. Owner, Elizabeth wanted her business to grow and decided it was time to broaden Kane Boutique's reach by adding a top-of-the-line website with eCommerce capabilities. 

After doing some research, the boutique saw many benefits to teaming up with Payscape. 

The Challenge

Elizabeth wanted an online partnership that would a good return on investment so she would be able to grow her company quickly. She was having a hard time finding a user-friendly service that provided one outlet to all her business needs. 

With Elizabeth's pervious online services, she had to click through multiple outlets to organize and provide for her business. This not only limited her time with customers, but also slowed the growth of her company behind the scenes. 

The Kane experience is a culmination of the boutique features we've found traveling the globe, and everything that completes our vision.


Payscape's integrated payment gateway was introduced to give Elizabeth the ability to get paid quicker, extend her reach, and accept transactions online.

The Payscape Websites and eCommerce services created a new and professional look for Kane's website. 

Elizabeth Kane Wing

Owner - Kane Boutique

If you're on the fence, take the plunge. Kane Boutique's success proves Payscape is worth the investment.

Highlighted Service

With an integrated payment gateway, bank deposits are made within 48 hours, giving Elizabeth almost much quicker access than her previous provider. Elizabeth is now able to run her business more effectively and manage Kane's cashflows within one interface. Payscape's goal is to make sure that our seamless integration process leads to a simplified experience as a small business owner. 


"Our guests can expect twists on the traditional trunk shows, visits from industry experts, at-home styling, custom designs and unique perks unveiled spontaneously. The Kane model encompasses far more than what Atlantans have become accustomed to".


As a result of switching to Payscape, Kane Boutique saved hours previously devoted to paperwork. This allowed them to redirect their focus to other administrative duties that had been affected by lost time.