Fusion CPA focuses on accounting, bookkeeping, tax & CFO advisory services in consulting, healthcare, law, and marketing industries. Owner Trevor McCandless, was in need of high-quality technology that would help Fusion grow and quality service.

The Challenge

Prior to Payscape, Trevor was paying pricey developers to update his website via a complex CMS. It was difficult for his employees to update the blog, for clients to navigate the website, and prospects to find them through a Google search. 

These technical road bumps slowed down Fusion CPA's growth, and forced them to use a lot of time and money solving internal issues, instead of focusing on their core business. 


 icon-websites-logo.svg Payscape Websites

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From pricey developers to a simple Content Management System.

Our Approach

Payscape's website service was introduced and gave Trevor the advantage of an all-in-one, user-friendly platform that benefited both his employees and clients. 

Trevor is now able to run his business more efficiently with top-notch security, expert website support, hosting, responsive design, email marketing abilities, and search engine optimization functions. 

Trevor McCandless

President & Founder, Fusion CPA

We used to be middle of the second page for targeted SEO, after about 3 weeks of implementing the website, we were on page 1! Easiest back end platform and everyone in our organization is able to edit the site without having to call a developer.


icon-server.svg  HOSTING
Don’t worry about hosting your website somewhere else, we’ll set all that up for you!

icon-responsive.svg  RESPONSIVE DESIGN
Our responsive layouts mean that your website and store can adapt to the visitor's screen width on the fly no matter whether they’re using a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

With the Payscape Website solution you’ll have the ability to use integrations to connect your Google Analytics and Google AdWords!

icon-email-marketing-green.png  EMAIL MARKETING
Powerful and robust email marketing to help you meet your business goals.

As a result of switching from Wordpress to Payscape, Fusion CPA saves on average 120 hours a month to focus on other administrative duties.

Results & ROI

As a result of switching from Wordpress to Payscape, Fusion CPA saves on average 120 hours a month to focus on other administrative duties. Not to mention, inbound leads have increased 700% since Fusion migrated to Payscape Websites. 

Payscape has improved the way Fusion customers shop, and has given Trevor a true all-in-one digital business solution. It took their website from Google page 2 to Google page 1 using the built in SEO tools. 

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