AppointmentPlus & Payscape

A Case Study

About AppointmentPlus

SaaS Company

AppointmentPlus is an online appointment scheduling software designed to help small business owners and organizations streamline scheduling for their entire staff. 

The Challenge

When booking appointments, business owners were requesting a way in which they could accept payments from customers upfront. This was in order to decrease the percentage of cancellations amongst their clients.

Without an integrated payment method, business owners had to rely on clients paying after services were rendered, making it less convenient for both parties. 

Payscape PRODUCT used

Payment Gateway

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AppointmentPlus' Mission

"Our team members strive to help clients optimize their businesses through the AppointmentPlus system and work with them to customize a scheduling solution that best fits their specific needs. The ultimate goal of our committed team members is to help clients increase business and gain more customers, while saving money at the same time!"



Payscape's integrated payment gateway was introduced to give Appointment Plus customers the ability to accept credit card transactions online. Business owners are now able to run their business and manage cash flow within one interface. 

With an integrated payment gateway, bank deposits are made within 48 hours. This gives business owners much quicker access to their assets than with other more traditional methods which could take up to or more than a week to process. 

Bob La Loggia

CEO - AppointmentPlus

We selected Payscape due to its exceptional reputation within the industry as well as their ability to work within our existing system.

Highlighted Service

The Payscape integrated payment gateway has streamlined the way that AppointmentPlus customers are running their business, and has in turn given them an all-in-one solution for their payment processing needs as a small business. 



Results & ROI

As a result of implementing Payscape's integrated payment gateway, AppointmentPlus employees are saving an average of 15 hours of payroll and administration work per month. Cancellations and no-shows among AppointmentPlus customer accounts have ben reduced by 30%, and on-time payments and cash flows have been increased by 70%!

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